When mathematics is combined with knitting craftsmanship, it is almost impossible to associate the two things together. They even have an intersection. They even jointly weave a new art that turns the old skills gorgeously. Using precise calculations and arrangements, we plan the knitting path, thousands of ways. The cotton threads are tangled in sequence, redrawing beautiful portraits between the weavings.


If the Neo-Impressionist painters at the end of the 19th century used pointillism to give their paintings a brand new optical and visual experience, then the method called [Knitted Algorithmic Art] can be imagined as using silk threads and mathematics to paint.

如果说19世纪末新印象派画家,利用点描法让画作有了全新的光学与视觉感受,那么名为「针织演算艺术」(Knitted Algorithmic Art)的工法,则可想像成是利用丝线与数学来作画。